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2021 update
Exciting news, everyone! Scott S. Smith Wedding Photography is back after a long break and some COVID craziness.  

Scott S. Smith Wedding Photography of St. Augustine, FL

Scott S. Smith has been working as a wedding photographer in St Augustine, FL, for over 19 years. Photography is his focus and he's fully invested in providing his clients with an easy, efficient experience & customized package that meets all of their needs on their wedding day.

Scott S. Smith is dedicated to providing St. Augustine's best wedding photography experience and personalized service. 

Scott S. Smith Wedding Photography has long been a premier wedding photographer in St. Augustine, Florida. Renowned for his exquisite sense of light that transforms the conventional into the extraordinary, Scott creates evocative images that tell a story and capture emotion. Smith is both an award winning commercial-advertising photographer and a passionate wedding photographer and thus brings a unique perspective to wedding photography.